Welcome to Bun Undone Self-Care Society

Come join our special, supportive, self-care filled corner of the internet in this new private app!

About Us

Welcome to Bun Undone Self-Care Society. This new "app" is how we will connect, 12 months of the year! Whether it's sharing posts and resources, our daily check-ins, or signing up for events, it will all be in this one unified place. 

Why You Should Join Me

The SCS community is getting an upgrade! By signing up for the app, you are joining the most special, supportive community and also gaining exclusive access to special happenings all year. Monthly membership includes access to:

1. Every 5-week program (as long as membership subscription status is active)
2. Check-ins and 1 event per month (and a major discount for any additional events during active rounds).
3. POWERFUL and beautiful community. Our little safe space on the internet.
4. VIP access to special events, announcements and more.
5. Daily check-ins, journal prompts, self-care, spiritual guidance, wellness tips, weekly inspiration and resources from experts. I'll be publishing videos and sharing content consistently.

6. 1:1 access to me 

PS: membership can be canceled at any time. 

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who is a part of this community. Your energy fills the space, and you inspire me daily to show up. You are my why! 


"Words can't describe how much Self Care Society has impacted my life - From the connection to the women in the community, to allowing myself to open up and be vulnerable, to the moments of pure joy and laughter in the everyday conversations with these women. Morgan has created a community that has brought women together and provided a space to truly be ourselves while also providing a space open up and feel 100% supported.- Amy L

"Self-care society created a constant reminder and inspiration to treat myself with more compassion and kindness. Having a group of ladies with similar intentions to check in with was so inspiring and supportive! I can’t wait to do another round and apply myself even more to the weekly intentions. I got something positive out of this experience no matter what my level of engagement was each week. Couldn’t recommend this more to anyone looking to make their life more beautiful!" - Amy S

"Self Care Society has changed my life! This community has become my sisters and I am so grateful for them. Morgan is an amazing and inspiring leader. I’ve learned many tools for self care that I can use in all areas of my life. I grow so much after each round. I can’t wait for more!" - Kylie

"This is exactly what I was missing in my life and couldn’t be more grateful that I found it." -Jessie